Service Level Agreement For colocation services




This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) is a component of the Master Services Agreement (“Agreement”) between Bitcolo and Customer. The purpose of this SLA is to outline the service level standards by which Bitcolo ensures to deliver Colocation Services to Customer. Subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement, Bitcolo will use commercially reasonable efforts to deliver Colocation Services in accordance with the rigorous Service Level Objectives (“SLA Objectives”) set forth below. The SLA Objectives specified below do not apply to any Customer Equipment and/or any issues or disruptions arising therefrom or a Force Majeure event.

SLA Objectives

In adherence with Bitcolo’s commitment to delivering the critical infrastructure support necessary to provide Colocation Services to Customer, Colocation Services will be measured on the basis of the following SLA Objectives: Environmental Control, Physical Security, and Proactive Notification. These SLA Objectives are applicable on a 24 hour a day, 7 days per week basis.

1.) Environmental Control

Bitcolo will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the supply outlet air temperature in the Data Center, otherwise known as the environmental temperature, will remain at temperatures that will keep the miners operating within manufacturer recommended chip operating temperatures. Such commitment does not apply during scheduled maintenance, upon a request by Customer, to localized conditions within a particular Customer Space or a Force Majeure event. If temperatures climb to levels that are deemed critical to the miners, we reserve the right to temporarily shut down mining equipment with prior communication to the Customer in order to ensure the protection and safety of Customer equipment.

2.) Physical Security

Bitcolo will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that access to Customer Space will be monitored, secured and restricted at all times. Bitcolo will maintain a log of all Customers, Vendors, and Visitors. Security footage will be maintained for a period of no less than 30 days.

3.) Proactive Notification

Bitcolo will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure each Customer is proactively notified of changes, scheduled maintenance and critical maintenance. Bitcolo will minimize any maintenance or repair window on an ongoing basis in order to deliver leading, continuous Colocation Services to Customer. Bitcolo will communicate with the Customer in a proactive and timely manner. Bitcolo will provide Customer with Proactive Notification utilizing the following categories:

a.) Notification of Changes – A notification of information and not a repair item;

b.) Notification for Scheduled Maintenance – A normal repair item with low impact and/or individual user impact; and

c.) Notification for Critical Maintenance – Out of service/potentially impacting for Customer’s business.


A.) Reason for Outage (RFO)

Bitcolo will provide each Customer with a final Reason for Outage (RFO) within 5 business days of the service interruption or violation of any of these SLA Objectives.

B.) Modification or Changes

Bitcolo has the option to modify or change this SLA at any time. Upon such updating, Bitcolo will provide notice to Customer and post the updated SLA on Bitcolo’s website (

C.) Questions or Inquiries

If there are any questions or inquiries regarding this SLA, please contact the Administrator by email at